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Goodbye BHS - with sadness

Thanks to the machinations of self serving City interests and behind the scene

Board tactics owning the British Home Stores business this once respected and reliable UK retailing giant is closing its doors. For Blackpool this will leave a large gaping retail void in the town centre (outside of the Houndshill Shopping Centre development). For over fifty years Corporation and Market Streets have been anchored by BHS in a still distinctive architecture that has stood the test of time. Blackpool Transport's town centre flagship office stands within the structure, whilst numerous bus services deposit and collect travellers from points throughout the Fylde. Its coffee shop and friendly staff were always on hand under a responsible name - responsible that is until it was cast aside by indifferent and cynical owners and allowed to sink into Administration - but not necessarily without a trace.

Branding heading for the exit. Market Street, Blackpool today

The buses will continue to frequent the many stands surrounding what was BHS and its flagship store in the resort. One hopes Council's Officers will strive to find a new retail use for this important property in what is not an easy market. The fate of Abingdon Street, Clifton Street and Talbot Road serve as warnings to the future for Corporation and Market Streets without action that fills the BHS property with a useful commercial purpose. The slow and ponderous wheels of government and Parliament may in time bring to book those responsible for placing thousands of BHS employees out of work; whilst diminishing their pensions in an unbridled quest for ever larger yachts and unbridled bling.

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