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Rebranding on Market Street

A smart transformation has taken place in Blackpool Transport's public outpost on Market Street to emphasise the 'Palladium' brand which is taking over the company's bus operations (but not its tram service which remains in the grip of Council corporate styling). The facia has been redone in the new grey and silver colours whilst internally a vast improvement to the former layout involves a remodelling of the public space.

Smart new frontage design for BTS. Upping value of the Company.

Taking a lead from banks, the Post Office and Airline desks - the counter space has been given three service points neatly numbered - 'Come in Number Three' but so far with only one person staffing which rather diminishes the impact. Nonetheless the makeover is in line with the Company's new image and a credit to the design team. A particular welcome feature are the souvenir sales displays which now include a range of items produced by the Heritage Tours operations. Seperately independent books published by familiar names need no mention here are now available.

Counter Space Airline Style ! The new souvenir cases (plenty to choose from) on the wall space with those classic books to the left ! Wall Image by a local College is a nice touch, as is the simulated wood flooring. Friendly staffer on hand - thank you for permission to take this photo.

A complete range of current service timetables and information on the facing wall with a view on to the high frequency bus stops outside and sampling of the now outdated BTS logo (and fleet colours).

It will be interesting to see if the Company extend their public information point to the North Station tram terminus/station which would be a very welcome feature for visitors arriving by train and in need of local travel guidance or assistance beyond queuing up for the army of hackney cabs trading for business. We shall see. Anyway well done BTS with some images of the Market Street remodelling.

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