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Celebrating the 4th of July

Given our family's extensive US relations this is a potpourri of items taken during my year's living in New York.

Branford Trolley Museum with my wife and youngest son (both now in Blackpool) demonstrating the summer qualities of a Brooklyn Transit 'Convertible' Car 4573.

Below : something for the steam engine fans. This is East Broad Top Railway near Orbisonia, Pennsylvania. A rare example of a complete steam railroad line with original rolling stock, trackage, roundhouse, and of course locomotives. Principally used for hauling timber originally, the entire operation was acquired by steam fans and now runs alongside the Orbisonia electric trolley museum - both well worth a visit if off the beaten path. Don't ask me for details of the loco !

A rare photo of a streetcar travelling along New York's Fifth Avenue - albeit on a low loader. This is HHA 3584 which I acquired on closure of the Hamburg tramway in 1978. It is seen here taking part in New York's 'Steuben Day' Parade - sponsored by Lufthansa, the German Tourist Office and Holstein Beer (brewed in Hamburg). I am in the tram somewhere downing ample quantities of their samples. The parade is just passing the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The tram would end up at the Kingston Trolley Museum about 50 miles north of New York City.

Sister Car 3557 acquired for the Market Street Railway international fleet but now rarely seen. Both being classic Hamburg cars designed and built by that city's tramway workshops. Unusually for Germany Hamburg's cars used trolleypoles.

The sharp end of one of the famous 'Bullet' cars which operated on the Norristown to Philadelphia 69th Street terminal for many years. 209 is seen here at Orbisonia in the final livery of the SEPTA transport system which covered Philadelphia and many surrounding communities (in Pennsylvania).

A works car at work. In this case Oporto 64 filled with all manner of track and overhead repair items on the Orbisonia Museum line. The line is being extended in this image hence the gantry crane (on another works car) and the diesel shunter in view. There are two Oporto passengers cars built originally by J. Brill for that system - operating during the summer season on this fascinating museum line. All Images : Copyright John Woodman

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