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Crossleys Bridge is coming down

Phase One allows for traffic flow in both directions but with restricted lanes. The next phase will involve complete closure with consequent severe traffic delays on Devonshire Road - the only alternative for north south traffic, other than the Promenade and along Dickson Road from the Gynn.

The demolition of the key road bridge over the railway line at Layton Station takes a step forward on Monday with lane closures and initial contractor work around this important landmark. Signage warning of impending work has been erected on the approach roads while preliminary ground work on the north abutment is already visible.

Final closure of the bridge will take place immediately after the Illuminations end in November. In the meantime Blackpool's bus service 9 continues on with its predictable journey in both directions. This is the only BTS service to use the bridge. An interesting detour and rerouting of the Number 9 will no doubt be published well in advance of the November bridge closure by which time the new ADL double deck fleet will have replaced the long familiar Tridents. Originally the Number 9 service crossed the railway line at the western end of the station platforms using a level crossing similar to the feature in place at Carleton. When the impressive new bridge opened it naturally did away with the crossing creating a dead end for the road leading down from the Windmill - this became Benson Road.

A few images of scenes which will become history in November.

Service 9 (in both directions). Images : John Woodman

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