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One lonely trailer

British Trams Online carry a Memory Lane posting on Twin Set 677/687 referencing the disposition of the trailer unit which has been saved for preservation through the intervention of one private enthusiast with the practical assistance of FHLT. Transfer of 687 into ownership of the Trust this month and the onset of fine weather has seen a start made on clearing the interior of detrius from its long sojourn inside Rigby Road Depot - and the removal of the trailer control cab end. The intention is to utilise this robust unit as a storage facility for some of the Trust's materials and components - with one half to be used for meetings and briefings.

Externally the tram will gain a different look. One missing eaves glazing needs replacing but for the moment vinyl cladding is sufficient to keep the ingress of rain at bay. Trailer 687 fortunately retains its original driver's cab (opening) windscreen which will be tidied up in due course along with the 'Progress Twin-Car' aperture. We may invite Peter Watts to produce one of his early destination blind masterpieces for this sole survivor of the 277/T7 unit. This would of course be needed at the reverse end given the unit is being returned to its earlier trailer condition - but all things in good time. Any volunteers to assist with painting and interior clean up once a week for a couple of hours will be welcome over the summer. Images from May 29 - the clean up has started.

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