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Layton Station

Former Waiting Room with original woodframe and ticket office now closed of course - double red doors.

Layton Railway Station provides a convenient intermediate stop for some trains (and more importantly passengers) between Poulton and Blackpool North. Once upon a time before the road bridge was built in the mid 1930s - the road leading to Bispham from what was the Windmill Hotel crossed the railway tracks at a level crossing not dissimilar to the example still functioning at Carleton Crossing a couple of miles further east. In those days the station was called 'Bispham' but changed to 'Layton' in the same period. Benson Road was thus truncated and altered to provide the southern approach to what became popularly known as 'Crossleys Bridge' - so called after the large sawmill and wood supply firm located on the north side of the railway. It had its own siding off the railway which also ran into a coal yard adjoining the railway station itself. A portal under the bridge remains as evidence of this former function. Seen in the image above with the near distance semaphore signal. The Opening Day Plaque affixed to the bridge below :

Nowadays the once manned Station with its stationmaster's house is very much the worse for wear - and is advertised 'For Sale' to some railway minded purchaser. Electrification of the line will involve very little in the way of structural changes. The former footbridge erected at the time of the level crossing closure was replaced two years ago with a higher version to allow for the installation of overhead wires. Only a small number of scheduled trains stop at Layton, with emphasis naturally for peak hour travel in the morning and late afternoon early evening. Nonetheless this reminder of former times on Blackpool's busy line to Preston (and formerly to Fleetwood via Poulton and Thornton) is welcomed by a considerably number of users who find its location preferable to a trek into Blackpool first thing in the morning. Some images from Layton Station this week. Below : Typical Northern Rail two car train heading towards Blackpool North.

All Images : Copyright John Woodman

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