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A Taste of ADL (or a ride on Bus 000)

From time to time Blackpool trials new buses from various manufacturers. Its not a frequent occurrence and in many cases usually leads to a thanks but no thanks on the part of the Operator. This is normal in a market where bus builders need to chase up new customers especially for new designs and styling. Blackpool Transport has already taken delivery of ten Mercedes Citaro buses and obviously pleased with them (as am I as a rider) as a further ten are on order for delivery this summer.

The arrival therefore of another single deck demonstrator this weekend this time from Alexander Dennis Ltd. and its prompt entry into test service on the 5 prompted a rapid exit to Layton Square in the hope of catching this particular swallow on its short term stopover by the seaside. Catching a glimpse of it on the Promenade in its neutral demo colours meant a patient wait later in the day in order to sample the bus and compare it with Blackpool's Citaros.

The ADL 'Enviro 2000' Demonstrator is visually striking externally and probably more so in Blackpool's new fleet 'Palladium' branding. Internally it is less inviting than its Mercedes cousin with obtrusive grab rails towards the front and harder seats. The bus frame tends to rattle noticeably going over those pesky bumps in the road surface and whilst overall of an attractive design, it does lack the fulsome finish of the German product.

Two very famous Blackpool destinations on one screen ! ADL Demonstrator Bus YX65 RKK seen here at the Victoria Hospital terminus May 14 - ticket issued on Bus 000 to Layton having travelled through Blackpool from Waterloo Road. Whether BTS take up an interest in this single deck model remains to be seen but ten double deck versions are expected to arrive this summer from ADL.

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