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Oops - PS and a correction*

The tram driver training season is upon us. In this case drivers for the company's upgraded double deck trams which are called on to supplement the scheduled service of 'Flexities'. Contrasting with the heritage tram tours operated mainly with volunteer crews - the light rail 'balloons' need to be operated by BTS staff.

Unfortunately the training today was brought to a summary halt when the *training tram* collided with a car crossing the tracks at Larkholme Lane in Fleetwood. No doubt the car came off worse and its female driver was taken to hospital but hopefully without lasting injury. Services were naturally interrupted with trams heading north being turned back at Thornton Gate (there being no other crossover point between Thornton Gate and Ash Street). Alternatives using the BTS 1 Bus Service or the 14 in Fleetwood were being recommended for waiting passengers along the line. It took some time for normal service to be resumed with short workings in both directions continuing well into the afternoon.

* I am reliably informed from afar that in fact the collision involved Flexity 2 and not the Balloon car on driver training. Apologies for misleading readers. So this means two Flexities had had road collisions (not of their making) within four days.

A driver training 'Balloon' seen the previous weekend running from Fleetwood to Starr Gate. Number 711 sporting a discrete 'L' plate at the Cliffs stop.

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