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PS - Blackpool's noisy trams : Visit Ghent no noise here

I am just informed by a reliable firsthand source that the same Flexity models now entering service in Ghent by the important DeLijn regional operator in Flanders, Belgium exhibit none of the characteristics of Blackpool's clattering fleet. This is despite the fact that this system has multiple curves and junctions on its tram routes. The photo taken this past weekend shows a Bombardier Flexity in the city centre and its varied track junctions which these trams need to pass - smoothly and without the volume of clatter and banging which is now a hallmark of the Blackpool version.

Why Blackpool's fleet should be troublesome to the degree that they are on what is almost a straight running route (albeit a few curves on the way) poses serious questions as to whether the Council have been sold 'a pup'. The Blackpool delivery were the very first order of this new design by Bombardier and heralded as such by the company in their online information. They formed the trial units for the much more substantial contract by Toronto's transit system where longer units to the same technical specs are to replace in their entirety the last fleet of four axle and six axle trams designed in Switzerland for that city - and built in Canada.

I doubt that any self respecting European tram operator would put up with the level of noise coming off Blackpool's 'modern' trams without requiring investigation and indeed remedial measures from the builder. A trip to Ghent would seem to be in order for someone from Blackpool Council - Toronto might be stretching things too far although comparing notes with the Transit Commission there might be in order.

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