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Pst - anyone want a tram depot ?

An absolute steal at only £4.35 Million. For the connoisseurs of fine living looking for that drop dead space in the capital - now for sale through Sotheby's the property market is placing a tram depot for sale with asking price - around £4.35 Million.

Formerly the home of a fashion designer whose creations adorned Lady Gaga among other 'names' the trams are long gone but their former home off Camdem Road is now an absolutely stunning loft space for that darling couple.

Reflecting the Alice in Wonderland world which is now the country's capital - the asking price is a mere snip compared to other flats on the market such as one above a restaurant in Grosvenor Square which is offered at only £11.5 Million. One wonders at the potential which exists at Copse Road with that late Victorian red brick structure used up to the 1960s by Blackpool's permanent way trams - or indeed the huge expanse of Rigby Road shed which offers the potential for a veritable estate complete with swimming facilities (the roof leaks incessantly) as well as convenient for late night shopping (Home Bargains across the front driveway) and year round sea bathing a few yards further west across the promenade tram tracks.

Sadly Bispham, Blundell Street and Marton Tram Depots are now just history otherwise the Council could have reaped in millions from similar loft conversions (or is it desirable tram depot rebuilds?) The marvellous 1939 multi storey edifice lacking users or tenants on Talbot Road - could well become an equally attractive fashionable address suited to the artsy and designer set looking for seaside quality space with a view. How about Flat Five Talbot Road Bus Station ? Under redevelopment below :

A world away from the compressed boxes which masquerade as 'homes' in this part of the country - tram depots it seems are very much in demand; throwing up the potential of tens of thousands of square feet of living space.

No doubt the hunt must be on for further derelict remnants of London's tramway structures ideally with rusting track - adding just that further teensy bit more value to the asking price! Naturally if there is an old London tram available to instal as a 'feature' - well the sky's the limit ! London enthusiasts with an interest in viewing this former Tram Depot should contact Sotheby's before it's snapped up by some *Russian, Arab, Chinese, Indian, offshore hedge fund (*select one only) oligarch eager to add it to their already bulging investment portfolio.

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