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blind faith

Blackpool's transport fleet now bears a mix of destination (and route number) blinds and LED/digital lighting. All new buses are now digital compliant with the Citaro buses having the most brilliant LED displays - visible in bright sunlight as

well as dull and nighttime condition. Most of Blackpool's Trident buses are now fitted with digital destinations and route numbers, with only the earlier series retaining their traditional wind around blinds, including the digit route number box at the rear.

Naturally the heritage trams retain traditional blinds formatted with font that faithfully recreates the destinations and styles of successive era. This is in no

small part due to the particular talent and effort of Peter Watts - who continues his output of tram blinds appropriate to specific cars. Blackpool's buses have no need

of replica route blinds. From time to time one can see examples being placed on sale online for what appears to be very high asking prices.

Some years back a local garage owner clearing out his premises uncovered a lode of tram destination blinds which appear to have been acquired from rail coaches

when Marton Depot closed and the tram fleet began its long downward spiral. Many were donated to a tramway museum group for fund raising while examples were kindly given to the founders of the FHLT.

The need for Blackpool bus drivers to wind the destination blinds at the end of each journey will soon become a memory and this particular aspect of public transport tradition will become folklore and the domain of collectors. Below : A one time familiar bus route the 15A which ran from Red Bank Road via Bispham Road and Gynn Square to the town centre and on to Church Street to Newton Drive and Victoria Hospital. Photo : John Woodman Archive

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