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Those Confusing Standards

For those with long memories there were two Standard cars in Blackpool which ran without fleet numbers in the usual front position. This was because 158 and 159 had been provided with exterior illuminated fittings including a fixture which covered the front dash at both ends of the two trams. The fixtures were more or less identical (as were the trams) and discerning from photos of the time which tram was which became something more suited to a pub quiz for enthusiasts.

Thanks to a timely reminder from an observant follower of this blog I can advise that there is an infallible method of determining from end on photos which tram was 158 and which tram was 159. Of course inside the lower saloon were the usual gilded ornate numbers over the sliding doors on to the platforms so the problem was immediately solved (if you were riding in the car).

I'm informed that one car had square corner quarter lights on the driver's front windscreen whilst the other had rounded corners. By way of illustration I include images I took at the time of the two trams in service but you have to guess which is which. No prizes for the right answers.

15? rounding the curve opposite St John's Church on Church Street with some of Blackpool's retail offer clearly on display in this early 1960s view. The same scene is somewhat different in 2016 - and not necessarily for the better.

15? at Highfield Road crossover on Lytham Road with the squared corner lights on the driver's front windscreen. Both 'snaps' by John Woodman



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