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Kevin Bucknall saves a tram

Its pleasing to record that thanks to a private transaction this month between the former owner of Brush car 637, one of the quartet of cars rescued from scrapping

at Knowsley, this tram is to survive and prosper. Plans for the car to be used for

spare parts were briefly considered with some internal items sold to other groups.

However the interest of Kevin Bucknall in acquiring the tram 'as is' in December has resulted in it being placed under tender loving care going forward.

The new owner was in Fleetwood this week taking measurements (and stock) of his new charge. (Photo below). It is expected that 637 will be transported further south in due course (to the Midlands) once a suitable covered home can be organised by its new owner. Thereafter the process of returning the tram to a

presentable state will begin. Any enthusiast with interest in sharing or otherwise supporting this further individual effort should make contact with Kevin through

the FHLT or directly. Below : 637 arriving in glorious sunshine during June direct from a three year interlude at Knowsley along with three other Blackpool cars intended for the Wirral Waters tram extension in a project involving Peel Holdings and Merseytravel. One other Brush car was retained by Peel and now in private storage on the Wirral. A third Brush car (formerly 288/625) remains at Fleetwood

also in private ownership and in partnership with the FHLT.

No doubt these images will be reversed with the expected extraction of 637 at some point in 2016, once arrangements are made for secure covered storage in the Midlands.

637 with its new Owner during his inspection of the tram on December 29th 2015 during a pause in the incessant rain clouds which have blighted swathes of northern England over recent weeks. Practical help will be greatly appreciated by Kevin - who has managed to turn around the fortunes of this 1937 survivor, otherwise destined only or spares and dismantling.

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