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one small step towards heritage transport attractions on the fylde coast

Tucked away behind the larger grants announced this past week by the Government to assist heritage projects in seaside communities - was a modest amount to kickstart the embryonic transport heritage scheme for Blackpool and the Fylde coast.

This is the result of an initiative by a group of organisations brought together by the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre EDC at the end of 2014. These include aviation, road transport, including trams of course, and automotive heritage interests. The initial grant (with matched contributing funding by participating interests) will allow a feasibility case to be made for the ambitious objectives jointly agreed. These would see new heritage transport venues in the three constituent Local Authorities linking up in a scheme that embraces a diversity of transport themes.

The FHLT continue to examine scenarios in Fleetwood for some of their collection and the historic sub station equipment secured from Copse Road Depot in 2013. With plans now progressing for redevelopment of the entire Wyre Dock site owned by ABP and go ahead for the new Fish Business Park and Power Station on adacent land - this throws up a number of scenarios that the Trust is considering in concert with other Fleetwood principals. Any final proposal in Fleetwood will form a part of the transport heritage scheme envisaged in discussions involving all of the participating organisations. This will extend from Warton to Fleetwood with linked venues showcasing the different transport collections.

All Images : John Woodman taken at the Beamish Open Air Museum

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