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Norbreck North takes shape

Work on the reinstated Norbreck North tram stop (sorry Station) is taking shape with the southbound platform structure now in place. Extensive groundwork is needed on the northbound side due to the proximity of higher ground abutting the tramway fence line. This is now underway as can be seen in the images taken today. Despite the intolerable weather Council workers are making good progress with the aim of seeing this additional and important new stop ready by the end of the first quarter 2016.

A more desirable shelter than the cheapjack product installed on the rest of the line would be a big improvement - with increased seating provision given the numbers of elderly living in the locality. Norbreck North is not a destination for visitors (in either direction) and intended to benefit residents in this part of Blackpool. Its reinstatement has been mainly through persistent efforts of local Councillors on behalf of their constituents. Images : John Woodman

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