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The very first FA League fixture which saw Blackpool FC play Fleetwood Town FC took place in pretty abysmal weather this weekend. Strong winds and sheeting rain were symptomatic of a less than inspiring result even though Blackpool were the beneficiary of three points. The only goal being scored came in the 17th minute of the match at Bloomfield Road and was the result of an own goal by a Fleetwood player.

Blackpool are having an awful run of matches which sees the team in the relegation zone of Division One whilst Fleetwood manage to hover just above it for the time being. An earlier series of matches in October gave Blackpool's team some encouragement with five games either won or drawn. Unfortunately the tide turned against them in November and only the Fleetwood Own Goal at Bloomfield Road allowed a very small crumb of comfort for Blackpool. No doubt the return fixture at Highbury Ground in Fleetwood late in the season may find Fleetwood exacting their own reward.

In the meantime Centenary 641 continues to stand out with its bright tangerine and white colours on south Promenade - especially so against the prevailing grey skies now a constant feature heading into December. Exploratory discussions are underway to consider a new role for 641 once the post season is reached in May next year.

Tangerine 641 certainly stands out on the promenade against a dull sky.

Images taken Sunday November 29 2015 - John Woodman

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