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Norbreck North returns

Council workmen have made a start on reinstating the former Norbreck North tram stop which fell victim to the light rail upgrade in 2011. Both this stop and the former Norkeed Road stop which had been removed earlier - were to create a large stretch of line between Norbreck and Little Bispham free of any intermediate halts. Whilst this may have been appreciated by tram drivers and some enthusiasts - the residents along this part of the Fylde coast were less amused.

Representations by the Ward Council Members finally resulted in approval of reinstating the Norbreck North stop with associated crossing on the Promenade.

The new stop will follow the same format as the standard station platforms required by light rail regulations and may even have a shelter on what is an exposed stretch of the line. Blackpool Operational Services team doing groundwork for the southbound platform on November 3rd.

The route map on the interiors of the Bombardier cars will no doubt be adjusted as well as the voice over commentary of a certain Bryan Lindop announcing ' the next stop is '. Adjustments to BTS computer software will take into account this addition to the tram service no doubt.

The new Norbreck North platform southbound platform preliminary excavation on November 3rd. Images : John Woodman

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