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James Bond on a bus

The national media campaign marketing the latest James Bond movie has hit most British towns and cities. Blackpool is no exception. Had the Balloon cars been operating a regular service no doubt one would have been decked out with a rendition of the current advertising design. Rumour has it that Flexity 007 was to have been given a makeover to coincide with the launch of 'Spectre' but apparently this was not to be. Instead we have a menage of Tunnocks, NHS, Redrow, Fleetwood Freeport and sundry other advertising with nominal impact when compared to the distinctive and eyecatching (for better or worse) all over vinyls on trams pre 2011. James Bond makes slightly less impact on a BTS Trident in front of the Tower last weekend. Revamping 007 Flexity would have been so much more eyecatching. Any chance of a Star Wars tram? After all the Royal Mail has come out with some great Star Wars stamps.

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