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Bispham Tram Station - an eyesore ?

One of the depressing sights along the tramway is the rundown state of the classic Tram Station building at the top of Red Bank Road. Once regarded as a landmark structure affirming Bispham's importance as a distinctive community - it has long since found itself without any caring organisation following the upgrade of the tramway in 2011.

In sharp contrast, directly facing the promenade and Tram Station is an apartment building owned by a local hotelier which has been given a splendid makeover to highlight its art deco features. If only the same care and attention could be given to the equally noteworthy Station building.

During the light rail upgrade

Norbreck and Rossall School brick tramroad shelters from the 1920s' - and in the case of Norbreck much earlier origins - were both demolished. It is

probably due to the fact that public toilets form part of the Little Bispham Station - that it has managed to survive the contractor's attentions.

However Little Bispham and Bispham Station landmarks are both bereft of attention or real concern from Blackpool Council in whose ownership they remain. What price infrastructure heritage - outside of the town centre or Stanley Park ?

ABOVE : Bispham's Tram Station - Public Ownership rules

BELOW : Bispham's best apartment building - Private Ownership

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