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Blackpool's transport in the 1940s - READ ALL ABOUT IT !

The latest Rigby Road Publications title has gone on sale at Brook's Collectables on Waterloo Road and now at the North Pier Shop in a collaborative agreement with Nick Meskell. 'War & Austerity - Blackpool's trams and buses 1940 - 1949' has 120 pages of photos and material on a less well known period in the town's transport history. It carries the story forward from the 1930s and 'Municipal Transport in Transition' copies of which are available from Rigby Road Publications. Both books being 120 Pages in A4 Landscape format with soft covers. Copies of the 1940s title are being mailed out to advance subscribers this week.

A further title in this series will take the story forward through the 1950s with more familiar events being covered on both the bus and tram sides of the Corporation Department. This is planned for release in November 2016.

Special attention has been given to the binding quality of the latest title - given the unfortunate experience with 'Tribute to Marton Trams' which was published in 2013. A recent court hearing resulted in a settlement between Rigby Road Publishing and R.L. Moulton & Son Ltd., who were responsible for the printing and binding of this title. Faults with the binding on a number of copies resulted in the title being withdrawn from sale in 2014.

A further title published this year in a very limited run covers the early years of Blackpool's Motorbus operation from 1921 up to 1933 with many rare images of the eclectic bus fleet which developed through this period. A handful of copies are

still available from Rigby Road Publishing at £25.00. This is an A4 Portrait size book with 96 pages - all black and white.

The other title in progress 'Tribute to Rigby Road Works 2009 - 2015' is waiting for

material covering the current year - with plenty of rare images and subject matter both on the tram side as well as the buses; plus two changes of management within this relatively short period.

Take a walk back in time to Blackpool during the 1940s - dark green dominated vehicle livery and yet another decade of transition for buses and trams.

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