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761 gets an airing - and more

Jubilee Car 761 'starred' if that is the right word, in a line up of trams alongside the Engineering Workshop on the the first day of the 130th celebratory weekend. It

was outshone by the myriad other trams (and some buses) which were put on display for this spectacular event - which far outdid the limitations of museum weekends. Favoured with sunshine (plus obligatory clouds) the first main event was an inaugural run of the second twin car set returned to an earlier livery. With full loads both units traversed the tramway to Fleetwood launching this

weekend's comings and goings. Below : Jubilee 761 has its complimentary airing at Rigby Road on Saturday. Trailer unit 675/685 traverses Lord Street on its way back to Blackpool for its first 'public' run rebranded from 'Metro Coastlines' colours - first you see it - then you don't. What a difference a paint job makes. Not to mention the authentic white destination screens reproduced by Peter Watts in his duties as official 'blind replacement inspector'.

Another Blackpool Transport Atlantean (362) on display at Rigby Road made a comparison to the Catch22Bus example which has been operating on Service 12 all the way from the Pleasure Beach to Cleveleys during the past week. (see earlier Blog). Another surprise on the Promenade parked outside the 'Velvet Coaster' is Blackpool Transport's own open top double deck bus - used for private hire and special events. This time it seems it have been hired to promote the 'Monster Raving Loony Party' and its annual conference in Blackpool ! Only in Blackpool can you find such an amazing collage of heritage vehicles in the most unexpected of places. No doubt it sets a precedent for further annual jamborees.

All Aboard for the Monster Raving Loony Annual Conference ! Only in Blackpool.

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