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BCT Atlantean to South Pier

Atlantean 334 waiting to set off from Cleveleys on Service 12 to Pleasure Beach. As 'Pleasure Beach' was not on Atlantean's destination blinds - South Pier must do...

A rare sight in the UK - a thirty year old Blackpool Corporation Atlantean still in public service is a treat for bus enthusiasts venturing to the Fylde coast. Caught today on the Catch22Bus Service 12 - it seemed just like old times, especially with

South Pier on the destination screen. Later on in the day I managed to catch a ride on 334 all the way to Cleveleys and a return to the Blackpool Hilton.

All of these interesting vehicles will soon go into the history books with advent of new Disability / Low Floor access requirements in 2016. Catch22Bus are noteworthy for running ex London buses of varied types, ex Hong Kong three axle giants, Blackpool Corporation PD3s and now a Blackpool Corporation Atlantean.

Well done Catch22Bus ! Images : John Woodman

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