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The arrival of Calked Heavy Haulage at Wyre Dock on the 16th September signalled the entry onto centre stage of Centenary Car 641 in a totally new guise celebrating the long history of Blackpool's Football Club, its Teams and Players.

A series of images cover all sides of the tram which has received official BFC tangerine and white colours to complement the original all-over orange which it was given in the final years of traditional tram operation. The BTS slogan above the windows on each side have been retained in their original form.

After a bumpy start loading on to the long rig provided by Calked this fifty feet long tram was cajoled and creatively towed over the concrete hard standing. One bogie indicated desire to take a slightly different trajectory than planned - but in the end the tram was securely loaded. An interesting route from Fleetwood to the promenade saw 641 traverse Poulton and passing within sight of Bloomfield Road's football ground. Unfortunately there was no time for photos.

Unloading at the promenade in the early hours of Thursday morning was an easier and far quicker task - enabled by additional specialist vehicles brought to the site by Dale Calked. Within two hours 641 was safely installed on the display track retaining covered cladding on many of its panels before the formal unveiling on Friday evening from 1900 hours.

The tower gantry will be fitted on to the tram and lighting features installed by Lightworks team ahead of the unveiling. The Football Tram recognises the importance of Blackpool's Football Club in the wider community - full stop. No doubt it will attract its share of plaudits and some critics but we are where we are. Progress on the field since 1887.

Inching (literally) past the Heritage Tours field headquarters 641 sees former stamping grounds yet again after an absence of nearly five years.

Looking somewhat different from its last public appearance - Blackpool's Football Tram is almost ready to take its place in local history - and England FA's football narrative. See you Friday at 1900.

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