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Facts not presumptions

The Trust's special Football Tram Display involves contributions from a great many companies and several Council organisations who have come together in support of a shared objective - to see Blackpool's Football Club and its extensive history highlighted in a unique way in this year's illuminations.

ALL of the tram's side windows carry images of teams, players and events. The

tram's end display panels are sheetmetal and not plastic, fitted by a Blackpool coach bodywork firm gratis. This display is for the benefit of the public and has very little or nothing to do with fixated segments of 'tram enthusiasts'. Some of whom make it their life's work to find fault with just about anything the FHLT does, or doesn't do - as is clearly apparent in 'social media' pages eager to grab morsels of 'news' as their own purview and prerogative. The Blackpool Transport logo still in view on the west facing side will be covered with a new vinyl display tomorrow - so sorry, there is no chance of joe public being confused in any way. There are enough signs to make it clear the display is an initiative of the FHLT. Now moving on.

The Trust is giving its OK to having Jubilee 761 (which remains part of the FHLT collection) placed on view in arrangements planned to commemorate 130 years of Blackpool trams. Our inspection of 761 will take place ahead of this event. We are not obliged to make this unique car available for display but feel that the weekend would certainly benefit from its participation in the array of historic types being organised by the BHT team and BTS.

Brush Car 290 - is far from the weather beaten wreck presumed by ill-informed and various malicious minded individuals aiming to be 'arms length' experts on our groups' business. In fact 290 remains in display condition and is intended for a role which may involve Blackpool Council in due course.

The exposure of trams for extended periods on Blackpool Promenade is

certainly subject to the weather - just like tram depots. The costs of repair work on the Starr Gate depot structure must be substantial and little is commented on

by people with a obsessive compulsive fixation on individual trams in Blackpool. Thus one solitary 1937 built tram is the subject of carping comments in much the same way the 'Football Tram' will undoubtedly receive its share of back handed coverage - from the usual suspects.

The next time keyboard 'experts' want to criticise other people's efforts - they should first make sure of their facts before rushing into headlong online critiques. Better still communicate their concerns with questions ideally on the back of a postcard please - to the subjects of their intended coverage - first.

Now back to the real world :

The Illuminations team and Blackpool Council arrived on site today to install the tram's gantry with special features. A couple of 'snaps' for those with a passing interest. Trustee Colin MacLeod (in hat) doing what he does best - on the roof.

So Princess Alice can admire itself and its former role with a BFC Football flavour.

Below : Promenade facing side with the glorious FA Cup win over Bolton in view

Both Images - John Woodman

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