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the little unimog that could !

A Helping Hand ? - thanks to the bunny on the front - overhead crew's mascot !

Arrival of the all-purpose Unimog and the BTS A-Team from Rigby Road Works heralded a combined effort with FHLT stalwarts Woodman and MacLeod in

releasing Brush Car 290 from its seemingly immovable state - today.

Armed with heavy duty hammers and due diligence under the car body primed

the tram for a session hooked up to the Unimog's tow bar. A few moments

later the wheels finally turned from their long fixed hibernation on the display track. A short session of pushing 290 to the end of the track and then pulling it forward released whatever residual grip by some of the brake blocks.

290 is now ready to roll - and the Trust can proceed with plans for its transfer to Rigby Road for storage. Its place will be taken by 641 which is now proceeding

with its special tribute to Blackpool's football team (notwithstanding the woeful start to the current season). But then every football team has its ups and downs, some even going out of the Football League entirely - Blackpool has survived since since 1887 - just two years after those conduit cars began to trundle along the promenade.

Thanks to the A-Team of Rigby Road Works - and particularly to BTS management in providing a helping hand today. 'A piece of cake' was overheard!

Real pulling power at work as Colin MacLeod shouts encouragement. That's James Millington driving past on an actual working tram !

Images : John Woodman FHLT

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