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Variety is the spice of life .....

One of the pleasures of Blackpool's summer season is you never know what bus is going to turn round the corner on the Catch22 services 12, 22 and 6. Blackpool now has two bus routes numbered 12 - just to make life interesting for residents and visitors of course. Whereas the BTS Service has the predictable yellow and black liveried buses (always looking clean and smart) - the Catch22 Service seems to have a potpourri of liveries and vehicle types which range from a former Hong Kong three axle open top monster, to miniature single deckers with anonymous

colours. Cardiff area liveried single deckers in Catch22's official colours can be seen (also looking clean and smart) just to keep passengers on their toes.

The latest variant just arrived this week I believe straight from the streets of the Capital (at least it has that familiar LT roundel with explanatory 'Buses' just in case one thought it might be a trolleybus or a tram). Formerly Stagecoach London - Dennis Trident 17506 - it was new in 2001 and based at Catford Garage in east London. It operated from there until earlier this year when it was disposed of to be 'snapped up' by Catch22 for its Blackpool services. By chance I was returning

home from Fleetwood via Cleveleys and the promenade to find myself stood at a traffic light alongside the London Transport roundel on a big red bus. Well why not have a taste of the capital roaming around Anchorsholme and Bispham.

Another Trident on the Promenade - the first for Catch22 (or is it London Buses?).

As if this wasn't sufficiently colourful - another large red (and unfamiliar bus) but in Ribble Motors 'poppy red' fleet colours from way back - was also operating a further Catch22 service between the Promenade and Stanley Park and Blackpool Zoo. One of BTS's smart new Mercedes Citaro's is in hot pursuit on Service 5. Whilst Blackpool's tram turnout is very much predictable by now - even on the Heritage Tour service - it seems that the buses have it for diversity and colour.

Thanks to Tony Armitage for these photos


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