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TMS Notable visits Blackpool

A lifelong friend, Derek Redmond renewed his acquaintance with the resort this past weekend. Accompanied by his wife, Sarah, he made a tour of the tramway with a private visit to the Trust's tram collection at Wyre Dock with the Author. Within the collection there were some old favourites including Balloon 710 which Derek drove during its loan to the Crich tram museum way back when. Derek of course is a former TMS President and TSO Treasurer and long familiar member of Crich Museum's team, where he tells me he is now one of the oldest faces on the scene - I don't believe that for a minute....

Derek and myself found common interest in trams just a few years past when we

expended our meagre earnings on travel to far flung destinations where trams still clung on, if only briefly. These excursions included last day rides in Leeds, Sheffield and of course Glasgow. They are still ever fresh memories. This time his visit to Blackpool included a ride along all of Blackpool's former street tram routes (in a car). In former times a journey to Fleetwood included investigation of the confines of Copse Road Depot to marvel at a slumbering Dreadnought and former Fleetwood 'rack' as well as the electric locomotive and Permanent Way Car former 167. Bispham and Marton Depots were naturally also favourites stops.

Derek on a recent visit? to Bispham Depot admiring the new Engineering Car and an old favourite !

While in Glasgow Derek points out the finer details of yet another single decker. This time 1089 outside Partick Depot, with an obviously bemused Depot Hand whose seen it all and heard it all before from countless enthusiasts making their own pilgrimage to Hayburn Street. Happy days. Photos : John Woodman

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