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Definitely not an enthusiast !

Another intruder at the Trust's Wyre Dock 'depot' was caught on top of Centenary Car 643 this week. Security was called but unable to 'arrest' the trespasser. A nesting seagull is rearing two 'chicks' on the roof of the tram with its side edging conveniently concealing the 'nursery'. Not yet able to fly but well on their way; the chicks and their mother, which sits constantly on guard against intruders, make incessant and repetitive noise throughout daylight hours. This is not conducive to painting on nearby 641 which is now nearing completion of work - prior to application of Blackpool FC tangerine. Vinyls will fill much of the sides of the tram, along with the windows.

A quick glimpse of the offside before the tangerine gloss is applied shortly (but not on the side panels which will be covered by image vinyls). Guests visiting next Saturday will get a preview on how the final design will look.

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