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Cunning plans ?

Amid the outburst of comments elsewhere there are a few thoughtful observations on the most recent arrivals in Fleetwood. By way of feedback - the Trust, in conjunction with the Owner of the four trams literally rescued from probable oblivion at Knowsley, do have plans for the quartet.

Firstly it has been agreed that one of the Brush cars is to be used as a source for 'spare parts' for other groups/museums, and in fact initial exchanges have already taken place with interested Principals. If any groups who have not so far contacted the FHLT/ Owner via this website wish to express an interest in specific components or features - they should do so as soon as possible. This tram has bus style seat frames in place, so unfortunately swingover types are not available.

Secondly one of the trailer units is to be used by the FHLT for storage purposes, as the Trust has components and fittings stored offsite through the goodwill of local companies - and these will be transferred to this unit in due course. The trailer will externally retain a cream livery when the Trust is able to attend to this. It was determined that a trailer provides more worthwhile storage capacity than acquiring a standard container - and has the obvious dual purpose of preserving a 1960s UK tram trailer which otherwise would end up being scrapped.

The other trailer is being reserved for a classroom or arts studio use at a Fylde coast learning disability centre.

The other Brush car will be the subject of remedial work by its Owner with the involvement of the FHLT and possibly involving skills training groups locally.

PS The Trust's aims for 761 are already agreed with BTS and BHT with the intention for this tram to definitely become a 'runner' and unique addition to the heritage tours operation - probably in two to three years time, subject to works space.

A worthwhile cause - spares and parts to assist other preserved 'Brush' cars.

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