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In Plain English

For those 'enthusiasts' who think its a joke to trespass on private property there is one point of entry on to Wyre Dock with 24/7 manned security gate which is on notice to report and detain unauthorised 'persons' attempting entry on to private land. The Trustees met with ABP Management today on a number of current issues including misrepresentation in order to gain entry on their site. Be assured that ABP are intolerant of illegal entry.

The FHLT have time for responsible approaches from enthusiasts.

The Trustees are arranging a private viewing of their collection on the Saturday preceding Tram Sunday. Guests will be free to take photographs to their heart's content during this one-off event which will include a briefing on the Trust's work and plans in Fleetwood. There is no charge. Numbers are extremely limited given site security and health and safety issues. Priority is being given to visitors from the south of England and London area who are travelling to the Fylde coast.

Individual enquiries are dealt with solely online via Tramtalk.

Over and out.

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