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The requirement for Blackpool's transport department (as it was) to provide 'extras' at peak times during term time usually involved pushing out the oldest buses in the fleet. A snap from the past captures this 1940 Leyland Titan just emerging from the bus garage on to Rigby Road one summer afternoon in 1960.

This is fleet number 33 with one blank destination screen and SCHOOL SPECIAL prominent in the other to warn expectant queues of its unavailability in service.

The classic Blackpool Corporation Transport Department office building provides the backdrop. Very little has changed other than removal of the signage above the entrance and replacement of the typical postwar concrete light standard.

Then as now Blackpool's buses still utilise the same access into and out of the transport premises. Sadly no examples of Blackpool's unique central entrance buses from this earlier period have been preserved. They were all built locally in the town by HV Burlingham from 1930s up to the early 1950s.

Despite its age - the bus is in immaculate condition with gleaming green and cream paintwork; such was the pride that the Department took in the appearance of its vehicles, both buses and trams. Photo : John Woodman

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