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After hearing, reading and watching ever more repetitive discourse on how close the outcome of today's General Election is likely to be - it was something of a surprise to wake up and find that Britain has a new Government led by the Conservative Party - without need for coalition or supporting arrangements in Parliament. So much for polling predictions and their ilk. I could have saved a lot of time giving attention to these 'experts'.

Locally on the Fylde coast there is one significant change in Parliamentary seats - with the Lancaster and Fleetwood Constituency becoming a Labour held seat against the Conservative tide (as it were). We say goodbye to Eric Ollerenshaw MP who has been consistently supportive of the Trust's work and efforts in Fleetwood - and welcome Catherine Smith, the new Labour Member of Parliament for the said Constituency.

Immediately next door in the Blackpool North and Cleveleys Constituency - hardworking Paul Maynard held on to his seat in Parliament for the Conservatives. Gordon Marsden likewise representing Blackpool South retained his seat for Labour. This split highlights an apparent political divide in the resort. Paul campaigned strenuously for Wyre Residents to be able to use their NoW travel cards on Blackpool's trams. With a Conservative Government in place one hopes that his efforts (and those of Eric Ollerenshaw) may bring about a positive resolution of this thorny issue affecting many living along the route of the tramway north of Anchorsholme to Fleetwood .

The visit by the Sec of State for Transport to a public meeting in Rossall earlier this year brought home the sensitivity of this issue (See previous Blog). When the dust settles we look forward to news on this issue from the heart of Government.

Naturally it won't be high on the Parliamentary agenda - but who knows? We can certainly count on Paul, and hopefully his new Parliamentary neighbour to help set things right.

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