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A remarkable transformation has turned former Brush Car 622 into a startling adjunct to the Anchorsholme (Blackpool) school which adopted it in 2013. The exterior of the tram has been authentically returned to its early all over advertising for Blackpool Zoo - then Council owned.

Sited within the school's playground area its colourful appearance dominates the surrounding open area. Inside, one half of the tram has been turned into flexible space with all seating removed. The other half retains the swingover seats and both cabs also retain their control and handbrake equipment.

New interior lighting and electrical fittings have been installed throughout the tram but much remains from its final years in service, including BTS notices from 2009. The FHLT Trustees were given a special tour of the tram in conjunction with a new project being planned locally.

Purchased through an initiative of the School Governors with the LTT - 622 is a credit to all involved in this arrangement and the restoration work to bring it to a gleaming condition.

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