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Err not quite but the first two are Blackpool businesses among the growing number of Seasiders supporting the Trust’s 2015 Football Tram Display.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday messages are now being reserved on tram 641’s panels (see the section of design below) which will be on view to the millions of visitors passing the tram from September 1st this year. Local businesses, social groups from writers to carers are taking this unique opportunity to put their names on the tram using the 25 letter maximum (and sometimes with extensions agreed with the Trust - for a small additional charge).

While Blackpool’s Football Team may be getting the headlines for all the wrong reasons towards the end of the 2014/2015 Season it nonetheless remains an integral part of this community. The constancy of Blackpool players in the tangerine and white and The Corporation’s coat of arms is something to be proud of when compared to radical strip changes made by FA Clubs elsewhere. We are talking about a Football Club which kicked off in 1887 experiencing successive highs and lows over 128 years. In spite of the woes this season there’s always the hope of an uplift to fill the ‘terraces’ and raise the spirits of faithful supporters for whom Bloomfield Road remains a Blackpool Institution. So any candlestick makers out there?

Want to see an anniversary or birthday appear on the Football Tram display in this year’s Illuminations? All subscriptions go to the FHLT to help with our own tram projects on the Fylde coast. Subscription forms are available at Bloomfield Road or simply order and pay online through £15.00 gets you twenty five characters - another £5 and you can add ten more for that celebratory message, business tag or website.

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