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Western Train Shines On National Television

John Woodman

The Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle grounds was a superlative production by many talents, not the least of which was the performing artistes themselves. However a superlative visual choreography came throughout the ninety minute event in the form of amazing light displays which used the facade of Windsor Castle as a backdrop. One sequence in particular had my attention when a musical segment 'Let the Light Shine' incorporated dramatic visuals of Blackpool Tower naturally lit up, followed by a head on nightime shot of the Western Train approaching the camera and slowly passing in closeup. Given that I had stood next to this now famous coupled tram set only a few hours previously at its start of the Coronation tram procession - it prompted memories of first seeing the 'locomotive' way back in 1961 when it was positioned on the Works Traverser at Rigby Road during transfer from the Body Shop to the Paint Shop (as it was in those now far off times). Well done Blackpool Transport's team for this memorable contribution to a national event.

Below : Western Train passing Sandhurst Avenue on an earlier excursion northward.


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