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TramTown Today

John Woodman

A driveby on Rigby Road today afforded the chance to see the latest features at TramTown entrance which Colin MacLeod (yes himself) warned me about earlier in the week. The TramTown team have resurrected the floral tribute which was created for the 1985 Centenary and positioned in front of what was then St John's Church. Positioned at the entrance way to the depot the refurbished 'momento' has been embellished to approximate the styling of a Balloon car and is certainly an improved display from its initial design.

Small floral containers carefully made with varnished wood stand in front of the display, each bearing the profile of a tram. In this case a Blackpool & Fleetwood 'Box' car and 1985 Centenary prototype number 641 distinguished with its unique rooftop advertising feature. Both well made and complete with token flowers.

One of the two flower boxes with profiles of an early single decker and final single deck design.

Below :

Welcome to Tram Town : Delightful feature just installed at the Depot Entrance

Number 641gets recognition. Of course the real 641 still exists - at Wyre Dock, Fleetwood and is looking for a new home.

Well done to the arts and crafts movement alive and well at Rigby Road Depot.......


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