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To Mask Or Not To Mask

That is the Question. Following on the Government's announcement of relaxation of its rules over public compliance with Covid protection from July 19th transport operators (among other businesses) are having to initiate a whole new set of advisory messaging for the public. In London this has brought about a blanket ban on travel without wearing a mask save for individuals with especial dispensation or medical conditions. Similarly rail companies are needing to reset their rules and conditions of travel - which has particular relevance with trains crossing borders into Wales and Scotland where variations of policy over mask wearing are applicable.

Blackpool Transport have determined to dispense with requirements for travellers to wear masks. But leaving open individual choice of passengers to wear masks or not. The limitations on seat availability is being removed to provide for full capacity buses and trams, including standing passengers. However conductors and drivers will be encouraged to wear masks. It is fair to say that there will be confusion following on these changes and no doubt a rise in disputes on crowded trams in particular. Whereas on London's buses, underground trains and indeed its trams on the Croydon network - the rules are clear and non variable.

It will be interesting to see what new notices appear on Blackpool's vehicles defining the changed conditions of travel. All in all one more example of the worrisome era we are all living through.

Valid notice until July 19th. Alternatively a pasteover amendment for the lower lefthand section might be the least problematic solution - given the possibility of reverting to mandatory mask wearing in the weeks/months ahead !


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