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John Woodman

In addition to the special heritage tram service over the holiday weekend the Tramway and Light Railway Society held their equally special models display in the Solarium on south promenade; The Saturday event came with glorious sunshine and warming temperatures which drew sizeable crowds of all ages to the event. As it happens the writer aided by his wife contributed to the trade stand displays with a table load of rare tram book titles both domestic and foreign. This was occasioned by a downsizing of his private collection with many unusual systems and topics covered in now out of print publications.

The show covered three seperate rooms choc a bloc with amazing model layouts and displays all created by individual Members of the TLRS. The event drew many familiar names and faces from near and afar and I had the pleasure of meeting a good many supporters of Blackpool's heritage trams with opportunity to share news and views of most recent events. Encouragingly the news of the Rigby Road (or is it Hopton Road?) development is all positive with formal application/s being in the final stages of preparation to attract government funding of a substantial nature. Supported I understand by all of the political parties in Blackpool's Council.

From Philip Higgs to Brian Turner touched base over the two day weekend event with personal enjoyment in seeing Tony Stevenson for the first time since his hospitalisation among several visitors passing by the book laden stand, Even Colin MacLeod graced the event with his presence on both days!

We managed to sell quite a number of our own Rigby Road titles on the two days making the weekend worthwhile and providing more living space at home. The TLRS are to be congratulated on their organisation and turnout with the hope that this will become an annual Blackpool event. Where else can tram modellers showcase their wares while real classic trams pass by an event serviced by a special tram stop opposite the venue.

A workmanlike pose by the author towards the end of the TLRS Show.


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