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The Greatest Urban Tramway Network

John Woodman

The capital city of the State of Victoria - Melbourne is the largest urban tram system in the world and one of the most progressive with continuous upgrading of its extensive fleet as well as adding route extensions to the current network, A visit by a family friend this month from Europe allowed for an enduring selection of city centre images featuring examples of different car types in service.

Public Transport of Victoria (PTV) on a tree lined city street at one of the low height platform stops.

A Melbourne Z Class car in its latest striking livery. Full marks to the operator.

Images taken this past week by Chris Meyer-Rassow. Note the tree lined road with mature foliage and the absence of any litter. The days of long familiar green and yellow neatly painted traditional Melbourne trams are long gone. Low floor models from a diversity of European/global builders have taken over the streets of Melbourne with a 100 car order in place with Bombardier for a new class (E Class) arriving within a year. These will be locally built with a 15 year maintenance contract, Melbourne has nearly 200 of its traditional fleet in storage for new use as bars, residences, offices and similar services.


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