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Standard 40 Lytham Road

John Woodman

Following on from the previous Blog featuring Standard 40 at the South Pier terminus on Station Road - a further image of the same enthusiast tour. This time with Standard 40 northbound on Lytham Road following a Squires Gate service car heading for Manchester Square and the Promenade. Enthusiasts have grabbed the rear balcony seats to experience this rare chance for a ride on an open balcony double deck tram. No doubt the front balcony was similarly filled. Standard 40 had been retained at Marton Depot for just such private hires being alone among the surviving Standard cars all of which were fully enclosed.

The last open balcony cars elsewhere in the country had been withdrawn by Aberdeen's transport operator just prior to the final closure of that system in 1958. Sadly none of the Aberdeen tram fleet were saved apart from a horse car. Fortunately a second Blackpool open balcony Standard (144) was acquired by the Seashore Trolley Museum in the States, whilst a third example has emerged more recently in the reconstruction of Engineering Car 3 to its 1920s appearance as 143. Number 143 is joining Blackpool's heritage tram collection resplendent in the red and white colours of the Charles Furness era.

Photo : John Woodman


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