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South Pier Terminus

John Woodman

Station Road was a rarely used stretch of street tram track, being a summer season only extension of the Marton tram service and even then only every third car on that route. The other two terminating at Royal Oak. One intermediate tram stop along Station Road at Bond Street was rarely used making the short journey from Lytham Road to the terminus facing the Promenade a very quick passage. The trams shared the terminus with buses on the 23 route as can be seen in this image with Burlingham bodied 304 taking a time out. Standard 40 by this time was the very last open balcony tram in service in Britain, retained for the frequent enthusiast tours wanting an experience of early generation tram travel. The tram is blocking the final passage of a service car which can be seen parked on Station Road no doubt with its crew fuming at missing their smoke break before returning on then twenty minute journey back to Talbot Square. Some of the enthusiasts are enjoying the open balcony experience as 40 waits for its passengers to complete their photography. Note the swivel head trolleyhead on the overhead wire leading from the northbound Promenade line (which at the time was an unused connection). Photo taken by John Woodman

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