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Remembering Rigby Road's Workshop Accomplishments - 2

Newly rebuilt Centenary Car 645 out on a test run passing Bispham - complete with inverted white 'vee' - the final redesign of the Centenary Class eight examples 641 - 648.

Centenary 647 reverses at Cleveleys Station - in a further redesign styling of these trams

Below : Rebuilt Balloon car 762 - the second variant of the 'Jubilee' class with centre exit doors and in the 'ReBlackpool' regeneration colour scheme. Also expressing 'Sorry' to hopeful travellers just like the two Centenary cars on this page.

The front end profile of 762 is demonstrated in this view of the car passing once classic Bispham Station

The first of the Light Rail compatible 'Balloon' cars with widened entrance doors and special 'pods' fitted allowing automatic opening (and closing) controlled by the driver. Seen here on test at Rigby Road in all white paint. Note the closeness of the newly extended door frame to the overhead pole.

Design and reconstruction carried out in the Works by BTS staff - although the automatic doors were supplied by a contractor; whilst 762's end frame was also 'bought in' from Metal Sections Ltd. which had previously supplied the same end units for 761 in 1979.

All photos : John Woodman


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