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PS More Furness Era Trams

John Woodman

Two early trams were made over to Furness red and white fleet colours in 1960. The stored Dreadnought car (59) saved at the back of Copse Road Depot in Fleetwood, and the unique Conduit car number 4 were both retrieved from their quiet retirements and treated to careful attention in the old tramcar Body Shop at Rigby Road Depot. Following the work they both were given repaints (and revarnish) in time for the September 1960 Tramway 75th Anniversary celebration.

Naturally both survivors were repainted in the red and white fleet colours of Blackpool Corporation Tramways with Conduit Car 4 being renumbered '1' in the interests of media attention. The Dreadnought car happily retaining its original fleet number saw its lower deck panels revarnished.

Conduit Car 4 receiving careful paint treatment inside the Body Shop in Rigby Road in 1960. Routemaster RM 1583 looking superb outside the same Body Shop in the 1980s rebranded for Blackpool Transport.

A closeup of a Balloon given a 'Furness' treatment - passing by Bispham Tram Station

All images : John Woodman Archive


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