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More (Great) Blackpool Books

John Woodman

One thing that Blackpool's tramway is not short of is authors. Starting with the publishing duo Palmer and Turner, the town's transport history and its current affairs have attracted coverage from far and wide. Even to the extent of an excellent illustrative hardback volume in Japanese by an avid photographer from that country spending considerable time here recording the town's trams in more recent years.

Below : Blackpool's Streamlined Trams in their pre-war prime with a 'Balloon' and rail coach passing in front of North Pier around 1938. It cost 3 old pence to access the Pier. Photo ; Copyright John Woodman Archive.

Of especial note is the work of Peter Waller who now occupies a preferential position overseeing the extensive photographic collections held by Online Transport Archive. The Archive has become the repository of diverse material from private collections of enthusiasts now deceased. Previously employed by Ian Allan publications Peter has extensive experience in the production of books on transport history. This is now being put to work in a private capacity with eminent results available online

His recent work include two new titles on Blackpool's trams - 'Blackpool Streamlined Trams' and 'Blackpool Standards' in hardback format, extensively illustrated and with finely researched detail. Other works include second hand trams, naturally referencing the trio of systems on which Lytham St Annes drew in the later years of that system; and the London United Tramway cars bought by Blackpool Corporation Tramways immediately following the end of the Great War. A further new title published this year deals with British trams of the postwar era - a title which I have yet to read.

I commend these books to anyone with more than a passing interest in Blackpool's transport story as they deliver insightful background to the long familiar trams which we have been acquainted with - in their varied state and ownership history. I am pleased to have played a role in providing new homes and extended longevity to several of the resort's trams, starting with boat car 603/228 which now fulfills a similar role on the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco as it once did on the Fylde coast. I only wish I could have applied similar support to earlier generations of Blackpool's buses from the streamline era of Walter Luff.


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