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Leyland to Havana

John Woodman

Something of a transatlantic discord arose during the late 1950s when Leyland's marketing team (our man in Havana) secured a welcome contract to supply a large number of new buses to that city's transport company which was in the process of converting its remaining tram services to diesel bus operation. The United States government was particularly aggrieved at this latest example of Anglo Saxon chicanery?

Leyland 'el supremo' posed with his man in Havana and an early prototype of the new Havana bus fleet - but still in Leyland.

Below : Unloading at Havana dockside of initial deliveries from Britain and a closeup of the new modern buses for Cuba's capital (still in the Leyland factory).

And out with the old. A typical Havana tram (note the double overhead wires and trolleypoles on this system). Soon to be replaced by all conquering Leyland buses.

Images courtesy of the BCVM Library, Leyland.


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