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Final Call At Wyre Dock Tram Depot

John Woodman

The rundown of the FHLT collection is now nearing the end of the line with just three trams remaining at the Wyre Dock site. Removal of security staff at the Dock entrance has meant more or less untrammelled access on to the dock area; and with it further vandalism on the Trust's remaining trams. This makes it all the more important to see the cars removed to safe and caring sites elsewhere.

Fortunately the Trust have received a visit from an Over Fylde property with credible interest in utilising the trams for a worthwhile social project near-term. Decisions and approval to proceed could see the three final units removed from the Wyre Dock site within the next thirty to sixty days.

This will mean termination of the FHLT endeavours, with almost all of its collection placed with new owners and safeguarded for future generations. In addition to the Trust' own collection and acquisitions quite a number of BTS cast off trams have visited the Wyre Dock 'depot' site over the past decade; some for the 'long stretch' and others in temporary arrangements for their owners.


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