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Farewell Eric

John Woodman

One of the Fylde coast's notable transport enthusiasts has passed away recently. For many years Eric Berry was a familiar figure managing a printing shop across from Cleveleys tram station. Not only did the shop provide a welcome service for customers needing small runs of printed material, brochures and stationary, but it also was 'home' to the Lancastrian Transport Trust publications and provider of newsletters for the Fylde Tramway Society.

A selection of books and new material of interest to tramway enthusiasts drew many frequent visitors, including the Author, with the chance to catch up on recent news and developments which Eric was always willing to impart, Latterly he was of integral help to the work of the LTT and its varied restoration projects both tram and bus. At least two of the Trust's former Ribble buses are the beneficiaries of his work and support.

Avoiding headlines Eric was a constant figure forever engaging with the LTT team (and others) to realise ongoing fund raising and restoration objectives. His passing removes a friendly figure forever associated with Blackpool's transport preservation scene. He will be greatly missed.


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