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Classics in Cleveleys

The demolition of the Orion Cinema (an art deco local landmark) now nearly a decade back did not go totally according to plan. The contractors managed to gut the interior whilst allowing the buildings iconic exterior structural frontage to summarily collapse onto adjoining roadway one morning, Fortunately apart from damage to parked cars nearby nobody was hurt. However the tram service was halted for a short while. Here we see prototype Centenary passing by the scene - albeit at a reduced speed, with the roadway understandably closed to traffic.

The cinema site went on to become yet another supermarket whilst the tram was secured by the FHLT for its intended development at Wyre Dock in Fleetwood. After display at the Pleasure Beach tram loop in a special branding for Blackpool Football Club (BFC) the tram returned to Fleetwood pending its further display in discussions now underway. Sister car 642 remains in Blackpool as part of the Blackpool Heritage Tram Fleet.

Photo : copyright John Woodman


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