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Classics From Blackpool/Fleetwood

John Woodman

Hard to believe that Balloon Car 247 seen here at Bloomfield Road in 1960 (with its rear destination indicator showing the outward bound short working) - is now the object of online anguish on its future as FHLT 710 in Metro Coastline livery. Photo : John Woodman

Thankfully saved - Brush Car 290. Seen here installed at the Pleasure Beach loop display track after transformation into green and cream colours by two stalwarts of Blackpool's transport heritage over the years - Colin MacLeod and the writer. Now awaiting a further role in 2021 - the tram not the ageing duo !

Prototype Centenary 641 after sentencing - along with Colin MacLeod. Seen here imprisoned at HM's pleasure in HMP Kirkham following removal from Rigby Road Depot. A new role for this tram is being sorted by the FHLT 2021 on the Fylde coast.

Jubilee 761 - saved for posterity by the FHLT - and now part of the Blackpool Heritage collection at Rigby Road. A fitting end to this remarkable Balloon car transformation in 1979 becoming the first double deck tram capable of one man operation. Photo : Colin MacLeod

Below : Motor Unit 678 on one of its final outings traversing Blundell Street as a special enthusiasts service. Again - now preserved by the FHLT albeit in outdoors enduring a decade of coastal weather - destined for private preservation and a lot of tlc.


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