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Blackpool & Fylde - Global Warming - Action This Day

John Woodman

Quite apart from the change in weather patterns being experienced across the world - every community has the means to reduce its carbon emissions and take measures that restrain increases in global warming. However incremental and small these may seem - as a leading retail brand keeps saying 'every little helps'.

Both as individuals, families, community groups, businesses and public sector bodies, there are to hand attainable objectives which cummulatively mitigate against the inexorable rise in global temperature - to the tipping point identified by science. Insofar as Blackpool and its Fylde neighbours are concerned; especially those with exposure to coastal sea level rise, the immediate actions to hand include :

. Mandating vehicle procurement and replacement is limited to electric or hybrid fuel power units sourced by public bodies and agencies located or based in the Fylde's local authorities

. Applying this to all private hire, taxi & limousines - withholding licenses for non-compliance

. Similarly requiring all delivery vehicles to be electric powered - whether locally based or not

. Banning motorbike and motorcycle usage unless electric powered or alternative power source

. Ensuring public service vehicles accessing the Fylde (buses and coaches) are electric powered

. Give priority to trams sourced from UK manufacturers and apply penalties to foreign imports

. Requiring house builders to conform to environmental regulations on power supply & insulation

. Requiring house builders to incorporate a minimum of one tree planted for each housing unit

. Requiring developers to ensure public transport access for residents/users of new build properties with dedicated transport provision for new schemes with multiple occupancy.

. Requiring public authorities to create new allotment or small holding sites for local residents on otherwise vacant land and encourage usage

. Ensure green shade and foliage is added within dense urban corridors and centres

. Facilitate and augment public transport travel with electric powered vehicles serving high footfall centres - with priority on schools and hospitals, as well as high employment and retail sites

. Ban on street visitor parking entirely; with provision for out of town centre park and ride options

. Introduction of curriculum in all schools dealing with environment and global conditions

. Limit ALL non essential airtravel with annual quotas assigned to individuals - non transferable

. Encourage consumption of produce UK sourced together with seasonal variation

. Enforce limits on licensing 'takeaway' food traders with high license charges on purveyors of meat and high fat content comestibles, as well as offshore 'brands' entering local markets

. Require retail traders to be responsible for maintaining and utilising upper levels above ground floor premises; or otherwise assure full occupancy

. Require public authorities to insert green space in new urban development and redevelopment sites, proportionate to total schemes - with insistence on tree foliage component

. Require sea defence and flooding measures are kept abreast of forecast rise in sea levels through this century

There are many more issues of concern but for the moment these are the ones which spring to mind as far as the interests of Blackpool with the Fylde are concerned.



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